Dillon Hess

Entrepreneur  |  Web Developer  |  Quarterback

But above all... I am a Follower of Christ

About Me

Howdy, my name is Dillon Hess! I make entrepreneurial websites and mobile apps. I graduated from Beloit College* where I was a double major in Economics and Management, and Computer Science. Now I make websites and enjoy life with my amazing wife, Kristen Hess, as we pursue God and all the amazing adventures He takes us on.

* I also used to play a lot of football


Playbook Hut

Design football plays and manage your football playbook with an easy to use football playbook maker to win more games.


iFake Text Message

iFake Text Message has dozens of options and limitless capabilities that give users the ability to unleash their creativity to create a Fake Text Message conversation.


Kristen Hess Art

Inspired by beautiful colors and light, Kristen’s artwork reflects the discoveries she makes in studying God's creation. My amazingly talented wife showcases her artwork on her website.



A website, dedicated to teaching design techniques, consisting of a plethora of HD Photoshop tutorials that seamlessly accompany the infiniTuts YouTube channel.


Status Clone

Create a fake Facebook status and comments, and have them generated into realistic image screenshots of the Facebook conversation.


iPhone Text Clone

The most realistic custom iPhone text screenshot generator. A web app that allows users to create fake text message conversations, and have them generated into realistic iPhone screenshot images.


Tweeter ID

TweeterID allows you to easily look up any username (@handle) on Twitter and find out what their corresponding Twitter ID is. This indicates the order in which the account joined Twitter.


Word Counterr

A Word Counter Tool that counts the number of words you type. Every time you type a word in the text area, it automatically calculates and updates various word counting statistics.



Best Flag Football Plays

The Playbook for winning flag football teams. The Best Flag Football Plays book is the best way to transform your team and develop the strategy needed to become a winning flag football team.


Mobile Apps

iFake Text Message App

The iFake Text Message App is the mobile version of the popular website. Over nearly a million Android users are creating Fake Text Message conversations on their phone using the features that the iFake Text Message app provides.

iFake Text Message | Android App Store

Android Fake Text Message App

The Android Fake Text Message is the mobile version of the popular website. You can create Fake Android Text Message conversations on your phone using the features this app provides.

Android Fake Text Message | Google Play App Store

WhataFake App

A similar product as iFake and Android Fake, except WhataFake allows you to create a Fake WhatsApp Message. Customize every option to make a completely realistic WhatsApp chat.

WhataFake | Android App Store

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