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Best Flag Football Plays

Best Flag Football Plays

The playbook for winning flag football teams.

The Best Flag Football Plays book is the best way to transform your team and develop the strategy needed to become a winning flag football team.

This book contains a plethora of passing concepts and strategies that can directly be implemented into any form of football competition. While this book was originally created in response to the increasing popularity of Intramural and Recreational Flag Football leagues, the same principles and strategies can be applied to any type of Football. This can range anywhere from touch football games in the back yard, to Pop Warner youth football games, to 7-on-7 High school tournaments, to Division I College football games played on ESPN. These plays and strategies can be leveraged across any level of modern football to help you score touchdowns and win games.

Touchdowns are waiting to be thrown.

The Goal Line is waiting to be crossed.

The End Zone is waiting for your team to celebrate.

Find out how to get there through the plays found in this book.

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