Dillon Hess

Entrepreneur  |  Web Developer  |  Quarterback

But above all... I am a Follower of Christ


High School Football

My varsity high school football career was played out at Colleyville Covenant Academy in Colleyville, Texas. In both my years there, I received All-State Honors at the Quarterback position.

Passing and Rushing combined, I had 70 total touchdowns in high school

Over 5,000 yards passing in 2 years

Reading the signals from the sideline with my wide receiver

During the coin flip, I would always shake the other team's captains with my left hand... just to mess with them

I always loved putting those stars on my helmet after we won games

I trucked that kid behind me... and then I walked into the endzone

Close up of my face reading the signals from the sideline

College Football

Playing College football for Beloit College was a blast. Throughout my four years there I had been able to serve as the Team Captain, as well as, playing many different positions for the team: Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Punter, and even been at the helm of a Wild Cat package specifically tailored around my ability to (kind of) play like Tim Tebow.

Below is a photo compilation of my first three years here, starting with freshman year, and moving through sophomore to junior seasons:

Great picture of a pass from freshman year

Coming from Texas to Wisconsin, this was the first time I ever played football in the snow

Rolling out to pass

This game was in Green Bay, Wisconsin

I love this picture. I had just ran the ball in for a touchdown and was all alone in the end zone. When this picture was taken, I was just starting to kneel down and pray a prayer of thanks to God.

One of my favorite pictures from the pocket

This game was against a team that was ranked in the top 10 in the nation

Look at that nice tight spiral

I broke the record for single season punting average at Beloit

Surrounded in the pocket

Lining up at Wide Receiver

Getting the team lined up in the Wild Cat Formation

Lining up at Wide Receiver

Jumping way up in the air to catch a pass

Throwing the ball down after scoring a Touchdown